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Posted 2 weeks ago

Guys, I finally met Yasmin (goodbyetoromance)!

Posted 1 month ago
Posted 6 months ago

Roots are freshly done, YAAAY!

Posted 11 months ago

Hey guys, I have new glasses! Do you like it? 

P.S.: Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been really busy :(

Posted 11 months ago

During Ratt’s concert!

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago
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Posted 1 year ago

Enforcer Concert

Let’s begin from the beginning:

 I had no one to go with me, so I took my mom to the concert hahaha

Arriving there I met two friends AND SUCH A SMALL AUDIENCE :(

While the opening bands were playing I was spending my time trying to find the guys, and then I found Jonas and Olof, I was SOOOOOOO nervous and I couldn’t be more ugly in the picture, but yeah, I was happy anyway.

Time for the show, I was in front row, of course, right in front of Joseph, I was singing all the songs and I think they noticed hahaha Olof wouldn’t stop pointing at me and looking at me.

Set List

01 Bells of Hades 

02 Death Rides This Night 

03 Mistress from Hell 

04 On The Loose 

05 Katana 

06 Scream of the Savage 

07 Mesmerized By Fire 

08 Midnight Vice 

09 Crystal Suite 

10 Take Me to Hell 

11 Silent Hour / The Conjugation 

12 Black Angel 

13 Satan 

14 Evil Attacker

After they left, I was like “It can’t be over” and then Jonas came back and I asked: Jonas, are you guys done? and he said ‘yes’ and he started to detach his drums :(

I missed “Running In Menace”, “Walk With Me” and “Speed Queen”. I knew they were done, but I wouldn’t leave the stage, then Joseph came back and I started talking with him, I complained they didn’t played my favorite song and he apologized, so cute.

Tobias was the sweetest thing ever, we talked a lot, he wanted to try my glasses on, and he met my mom, he promised me they will come back and he said they loved the country and the people, I asked for his Facebook and he was like: I hate Facebook and all that stuff, if I want to contact someone, I send post cards.

I was about to leave when I saw Olof there, surrounded by people and I wanted to try to get another pic, as the first one was so ugly =P When he saw me: “Heyyyyyyyyyyy, nice to see you again”, and then he pushed me, and kinda hugged me, I didn’t even had to ask for another picture, I was so happy I didn’t even knew what to say!

And that’s basically it, I still amazed, sore, bruised and voiceless.





Posted 1 year ago

My friend braided my hair inspired on Lagertha’s hair yesterday, I managed to keep it almost intact for today.

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Posted 1 year ago

Well, this is me after the walk, it was raining cats and dogs, and it ruined almost all of my makeup and my hair. I wasn’t able to have pictures taken with all the umbrellas and rain coats going on… Oh, well, at least the dressing up part was fun.

Posted 1 year ago

Just washed my hair and I’m already in my pjs!

Posted 1 year ago

WARNING! Sleeping with your hair wet can make it weird :)

Posted 1 year ago

I spent my last pennies on my last hope to save my hair and I hope it will pay off… Sucks that it can’t be this way forever :( I’ll try to take pictures tomorrow, gotta love roots freshly done!